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Vastye is an original band from Oklahoma City featuring Cami Vastye Stinson as the lead vocalist, songwriter and electric violinist. Vastye is a family name passed down throughout many generations of women in Cami's family. She's been performing with bands since she was 8 years old, and grew up on stage. She's recorded with music legend and Grammy winner Tommy Allsup (who was Buddy Holly's guitarist), and toured with Grammy Winner Mark O'Conner on his Hot Swing Tour.

She's headlined jazz festivals and been nominated for Best New Urban Artist in NYC. But Vastye is a departure from jazz, and a truer representation of Cami's music and self. It's best described as Alt Pop Soul. The music has driving beats and catching and sultry melodies. Matt Stansberry produced and co-wrote this project, and long-time friends Stinson and Stansberry decided to do every element of the Come Around EP in Oklahoma City, featuring talented Oklahoma City artists.

Emmy-Award-Winning rapper Jabee is featured on "Bright Lights" and "Come Around", a pairing a long time in the making. Guitarist and producer Mitch Bell (Zhu) plays guitar and adds electronic soundscaping throughout the songs, while drummer Alberto Roubert (Horse Thief) locks in rhythms so clean and in-the-pocket Vastye's R&B feel is brought into the future. Raul Alfonzo's bass and electronic key bass parts range from funky to driving, and set Alberto's drums off with just the right edge for complete perfection in the groove. Arranger Mike Turner's keyboard solos and extra midi parts top everything excellently. Joe Stansberry's and Jessica Herring's stacks of harmonies perfectly set the stage for modern pop soul. Vastye's music is full of groove, harmony and the perfect thing to get stuck in your head this summer.


1 Bright Lights / 2 What's The Deal
3 Take It Back / 4 Come Around
5 Love Will Survive / 6 Here With You

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